In the Studio

You'll find Bernadette's showroom and studio in the iconic Square Edge Arts Centre on the Square, Palmerston North. 

Recently refurbished, Square Edge has become the art hub of the city. Also situated at Square Edge is a professional picture framer 'Art of Framing, an art supply shop 'Ochre', plus OE Cafe which is renowned for great food and unique open atmosphere. 

All these local businesses open into the  main art gallery which features local and national artists.

Bernadette's showroom is on the ground floor which is perfect for meeting clients and displaying images to the public. Her large apartment style studio is on the 1st floor and is ideal for both commercial and portrait photography and for housing and displaying her collection of chairs and art. 

Behind the Lense

Bernadette's images speak for themselves.  She creates beautiful, timeless, original pictures every-time. 

Her skill and knowledge ensures her clients are guaranteed an enjoyable, stress-free experience with amazing results.  

Bernadette works in all areas of photography but is best known locally for her breathtaking wedding photos and albums as well as her highly desired and stunning portrait photography .

In recent years, she has applied this creative style to her commercial work, resulting in many opportunities to travel and photograph around NZ and further afield.   

Without the Camera

Bernadette is married, has 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 chooks!! And a 'sometimes' cat!

Has always lived in Palmy.

Loves to eat!  Loves to cook!  Loves wine! 

Collects old glass, pottery, original art by NZ artists and chairs from many era's.

Doesn't do sport but is happy to watch it with friends who provide food and wine.

Photographs for pleasure street art, churches and old stuff!